Design for online and blended learning - Topic 4 ONL221

 What did I know before this: I actually assumed I knew what blended learning was, in my simplistic mind. I didnt think there was that much to explore.   What do I want to know? I didnt think I needed to learn any more things actually, I had thought that I have "been there, done that". I know what it is, what is there to learn?  What did I learn I learnt so much. Firstly, that blended learning doesnt always means online learning. Online learning doesnt always mean it is asynchronous, neither is blended learning always asynchronous. Then there is also hybrid learning. So so much! In summary, I think that the best thing to do is to first determine what it is we want students to learn. Blended learning is a category of learning (as opposed to traditional learning) whereas online learning, hybrid learning etc is the method of delivering the material / content. For example, for those which require the training of a skill, for example, history-taking in medicine, then one cannot do

Learning in Communities - Networked Collaborative Learning: Topic 3 ONL221

 What I know before this: I never even thought about schools being a social thing at all! What I want to learn about this: I didnt even set out to want to think about this! What I have learnt about this: LOADS, as usual! Firstly - about how relationally we exist: Dron, J. & Anderson, T. (2014). Teaching crowds: Learning and social media. Athabasca University Press. Fig 3.1, Page 73 Learning the definitions: Tagging the right social software to the correct social form and their respective characteristics: I think a picture tells a thousand words. If I were addressing a group, due to the motivations of how the group was set up, the use of MOOCS/LMS would not be effective for "Sets" purely because they did not come into this form to learn structured knowledge, whereas for a "Group" e.g. a class etc with a formal structure, there would be a motivation to learn things, get a particular grade/cert to pass out. Twitter would have the opposite effect. As such, it would

Open Learning - Really?? How do I get the university to accept that?? - ONL221 Topic 2

 What I know before this topic I never bothered thinking about all these issues. I always enjoyed things which were free (I mean, which Singaporean doesn't??), and never thought to question on the licencing and other related issues. I always looked for references and if the sources were reputable ofcourse.  What I want to learn about this topic I didnt even think there was anything to learn nor explore about this topic! Ha! What I have learnt about this topic A TUCKLOAD of it!  Firstly, the TIPS framework as Guidelines for Open Resources: T: Teaching and Learning processes I: Information and material consent P: Presentation product and format S: System technical and technology And also, to explore on learning styles to increase engagement and percieved value of the teachers' offerings. Secondly, on the use of digital tools to effect intended pedagogy , we have

On the topic of Online and Digital Literacies - Topic 1 ONL221

What I used to know about Digital Literacy - I never really thought to think much about it. I just accepted. Ok, if old, just assume that they will be bad. What I want to know about Digital Literacy  - Why would I need to improve on digital literacy? Why would anyone improve their digital literacy? What I learnt about Digital Literacy  - it is not a "yes/no" type situation, more like a condition with varying degrees, the intersection between individual interest, and important issues: On the idea of digital literacies, there are 8 essential elements of digital literacies: The essential elements of digital literacies : Doug Belshaw at TEDxWarwick    I think about how it is a continuum and how we could motivate the learners to become more digitally literate, how it is changes over time. How can we encourage greater motivation for people to function with greater literacy?  Also, I LURVE LURVE LURVE the concept of digital residents vs visitors! Similarly, I was challenged to put

At the end of ONL221 (Topic 5) - MY REFLECTIONS

  At the end of the ONL221, this badge sums up how I feel What have I learnt through my engagement in the ONL221 course? To learn, is to try to contribute and to do. The power of a community of learning is undeniable! How will that influence my practice? I am thinking about how to continue learning in this manner, but yet at the same time, I constantly struggled to read new material and cope with contribution. Perhaps, a good way forward is to receive an "injection" of boluses every now and then.  My thoughts about use of technology to enhance my learning/teaching This was the very reason why I joined this course, to learn how to use technology better to enhance teaching and learning activities for my students. I was a fan and still am a fan and will always stay a fan of learning new things to keep class engagement going. However, I am concerned about whether I could afford the time to be committed to these regular new tools. I love that handbook developed  What will I do as
 Digital Competency and the diagnosis of it is complex. So I spent some time looking at the DigComp framework and I realised that the issue with Digital Competency and the definitions of the different levels of competencies and I cannot help but feel like the whole issue is quite complex. It is almost like learning a whole new language in order to communicate in a new country. For the purpose of ease of reference, I have pasted the link to the document here: So I think about my own father and my parents in law. In laws are older but definitely more digitally competent than my father. My mother is somewhere in between. So I think to myself, that age is not a good predictor. Perhaps, the ability to navigate is for sure like David White's description of native vs visitor. And by form and function, because one is forced to use it (like my children since they had to be schooled on home-based learning during COVID-19 stay


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